South Palmira Private Estate

Вышка, Закарпатская область, Украина
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South Palmyra is an oasis of warmth and comfort located on the slopes of Mount Krasia (opposite the 4th pillar of the 4-seater chair lift between lanes 2a and 2b), at a distance of 250 m from the transplant. In our cottage you can accommodate a large company of 14-16 people, as well as several small groups or individual vacationers. The house is a 3-storey wooden log house with 6 rooms: 2 3-bed rooms, with windows offering a beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains and views of the ski slope; 4 double beds (two rooms №2 and №3 it is possible to add another bed) 4 bathrooms (2 of which are equipped with showers, boilers, hairdryers), spacious lounge, dining room (with large table, TV, home theater) , kitchen (equipment: 2 refrigerators, gas stove, wood stove, microwave oven, kettle, electric oven, coffee maker, multi-cooker, dishes, grill and accessories). The cottage is heated by firewood, which creates comfort for vacationers, especially those who spend the whole day on the ski track and in the evening returns to a warm home. Holidays on Mount Krasiya will suit people of different tastes and preferences. Near the house is a large gazebo with stone barbecue. It is possible to prepare food on your own or to order at the hostess. Dishes of Transcarpathian cuisine and author’s tea “Gifts of Krasiya” are offered – an unforgettable bouquet of herbs presented by the nature of the mountain. You will feel at home. A sauna is 30 meters from the property and a cottage is 50 meters up. Transfer from the village of Vyshka: chair lift, car GAZ – 66 (for large groups at a negotiated price with the driver).

Contact Information

opposite the 4th support of the 4-seater chairlift between lanes 2a and 2b
+38 (095) 016-07-98 , +38 (068) 803-69-91
+38 (095) 462-97-11 , +38 (098) 551-05-95