The farmstead Kalinka

Вышка, Закарпатская область, Украина
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The farmstead Kalinka is situated between the villages of Vyshka and Lyuta, in a picturesque and cozy area with beautiful views of the Carpathian meadows. Kalinka is a great choice for a family vacation or a break in the circle of good friends, for those who appreciate peace, quiet and comfort. The modern design of the estate, combined with the beauty of nature, will leave no one indifferent, and the price / quality ratio of the estate is well-considered. The farmstead is located 4.4 km from Krasia. On the first floor 4 double rooms, plus an extra bed in each room (wardrobe, bathroom – shower, toilet, washbasin, hairdryer, towels).

Contact Information

Transcarpathian region, V. Bereznyanskiy district, Lyuta village 1a
+38 (095) 505-10-56
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