Вышка, Закарпатская область, Украина
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Alpen House

This restaurant is located in a hotel of the same name, close to exit of Chair Lift №1.

An institution can be considered the standard of sophistication, design and quality of service, but the main highlight of refinement is, of course, the kitchen.

Here you can taste the best dishes of Transcarpathian and European cuisine in an exquisite setting just in the middle of the nature of the Ukrainian Carpathians.
+38 096 003 00 30

Fine Food

Here you will get warm mulled wine, taste homemade pastries or delicious pizza.

Our chefs are masters of their craft and they are pleased to share this talent with our visitors, treating them with fresh hot pastries every day.

For the skier the main thing is to ride, to fly! Here you will definitely not be stuck for long! 10 minutes and you are full of strength and ready to conquer the top of Krasiya again.


Restaurant “Shinok” is the embodiment of all national features of modern Ukrainian color.

Shink appreciates comfort. Everything is convenient here… Besides, the atmosphere of lounges with Ukrainian accent prevails in the hall.


Panorama is comfort, speed and quality at one location.

Delicious meals, drinks and atmosphere will fill your holiday with pleasure and will give you strength to ski all day.

“A special approach to every guest” is the Panorama credo.

Have you tried tubing yet? You will not regret it! In short, this entertainment is sure to please the whole family! What could be more fun than going down a perfect slide on a tube? This is really fabulous entertainment, because the tubing is fun, safe and driveable! The tubes are specially equipped with … trails with a length of … meters. Afraid of skiing or snowboarding? Tubes will become your favorite winter holiday activity.

Holiday Season 30.12-12.01 (Price in UAH) Regular Season 2019-2020 (Price in UAH)
1 ride 50 30
1 hour 200 150
2 hours 350 250

Our resort will gladly rent out both amateur and professional equipment. You have absolutely all sizes of skis, sticks, bots and snowboards. Our rental guarantees the quality of service and equipment, and our staff will gladly help you choose the necessary parameters for comfortable skiing. It is also advantageous to use our rental because it is right next to the lift and you do not have to carry or carry everything with you.

Category Price for 1 DAY (Price in UAH)
Ski set (Skis + Boots + Sticks) A 300
B 250
C 170
Snowboard (Snowboard + Boots) 200
Helmet 50
To rent the equipment you need to make a cash deposit in the amount of the cost of the kit or deposit your drivers license or passport with ski rent administration.

In case of fracture or partial damage of the inventory when used, the user is required to fully compensate the value of the inventory.

In case of loss of skiing equipment the client reimburses the full cost of the inventory.

The money deposit or documents are returned to the client after the rental equipment is fully returned.

In case of early delivery of inventory – money is not refunded.