Вышка, Закарпатская область, Украина

You can plunge into the Carpathian Mountains world right now without leaving your home. Webcams of the Krasiya ski resort will literally transport you to the resort.

Not sure if to go? Evaluate the terms, weigh all the pros and cons, and then decide. Or just admire the mountain beauty! Be always in touch with us and choose the right time for your vacation. The cameras show all the interesting corners of the ski resort and what really stands out for you: slopes, lifts, restaurants, hotels and simply beautiful nature views.

With quality webcams located around the perimeter, you can always see how things are on the mountain. Of course, mountain air filled with the aroma of freshness cannot be conveyed through the screen as well as panoramic views, the beauty of which truly only opens to life. However, everything you see is worth the trip!

Camera 1 | Lower station
Camera 2 | Lower station - roll-out
Camera 3 | Transfer
Camera 4 | Transfer-DOPPELMAYR
Camera 5 | Alpen House Hotel
Camera 6 | The upper station