The ski slopes of Krasiya are suitable for tourists with any level of physical abilities. The main ski slope of the resort is 3.5 km and is the longest single ski slope in Ukraine. The slopes of Krasiya are first and foremost convenient and comfortable, due to new chair lifts and surface lifts, with slopes going as wide as 250m.

About Mount

Mountain Krasiya (1036m) is an ideal place for lovers of skiing and snowboarding. Even in Soviet times, it was a large ski resort with the only chair lift in Ukraine. Today, there are two modern chair lifts operating for tourist use daily with diversity of slopes suitable for both beginners and professionals. In winter, a brand new snowmaking system operates at full strength, which allows us to make the best snow possible. Krasiya – is a well-developed infrastructure with a large number of hotels, a rental point, a wide range of ski equipment, restaurants and entertainment facilities.

The best conditions for skiers and snowboarders are created precisely because of the presence of different lifts and types of trails, which allow you to feel the fullness of winter skiing vacationers with any skills. Besides, where, if not at Krasiya, the most adventurous of you will try free-riding?

Krasiya Resort is the perfect combination of all conditions for the best vacation.


Ukraine's longest ski slope (more than 3.5 km)
Altitude difference of 600 m
Width of slopes from 100 m to 250 m
Diverse slopes for beginners and experienced skiers
The most-advanced snowmaking system
Free ride
Hotels, restaurants, entertainment establishments

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